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Collection of Documents

Right after signing the Retainer Agreement, the applicant will be provided with a checklist of the documents needed to work on the application depending on the type of application, for which the client is retaining Canizm Immigration Solutions Inc. We will assist with all the imperative paperwork as well as filing process, which has to be completed accurately and compiled to submit in a timely manner to avoid any kind of discrepancy and delays in submission.

Legal Consultation

After the collection of the mandatory documents, we will proceed to work on various steps involved for an application. We will provide various assistances for smooth working on an application as this would be a lengthy process to get all the steps right. For example, we will assist our client in creating a profile to apply for Educational Credentials Evaluation (ECA). Getting an ECA is recommended for Express Entry applicants who want to earn CRS points for their education done outside Canada. Getting an ECA also helps an applicant to get their foreign education verified and receive equivalency with a Canadian credential.

Document Submission

This step will be different for the type of application, the client will retain our services for, (Example: Temporary Resident visa applications have a different timeline compared to an Express Entry applicant). For our PNP clients, we will also assist them in sending the Expression of Interest to the relevant authorities as per the eligibility.