Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Brampton to Guide you for a Study Visa

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Studying in Canada has become the most desired destination for global students to complete their higher education. Here, an overseas student gets a world-class education at an affordable cost and lives in Canada’s security. But it is a challenging task to study in Canada. Because the process of getting a study visa is complicated. To study in Canada, the first and most crucial step is to apply for a study visa in Canada. Without a Canadian immigration consultant, it is challenging to complete the whole immigration process successfully.

If you want to move to Canada for study purposes, this blog will guide you through a seamless study permit application process. Here, we are going to share some insights to apply for Study visa in Canada.

Canada Study Visa

A Canada study visa is a government document allowing overseas students to study in Canadian institutions. A study visa permit lets you stay in Canada until the study program ends. It is also essential to be authorized by Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada to get a study visa for overseas students. Make sure that are have applied in a DLI. Otherwise, your study visa will be canceled.

Why is Canada best for study?

Each year thousands of students choose Canada as it is the best place to study. Here, a student gets the top level of education to build their career. The following are reasons why international students choose Canada for higher studies-
-> budget-friendly education.
-> Plenty of scope for research.
-> Easy immigration process in comparison to other countries.
-> Healthy and secure lifestyle.
-> Tremendous work opportunities while studying and after studies.
-> The benefit of human rights and equality.
-> Peaceful and friendly society.
-> Cultural diversity.
-> The average salary in Canada is good.

Eligibility criteria for study visa

You must fulfill some eligibility criteria to experience a seamless Canadian study permit approval process. Before applying for a student visa, ensure that you meet the following eligibility criteria-

-> Enrolment in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
-> Financially stable.
-> No criminal record.
-> Must be adequately vaccinated for Covid-19
-> A valid medical fitness certificate.
-> Assure that you will leave Canada on completion of your course.

Required Documents for Canada Study visa

While applying for a Canada study visa, you need to provide some important documents.
You need to carry the below-mentioned documents while applying for a Study visa-
-> Acceptance letter from a DLI.
-> Valid Passport.
-> Immigration Medical Examination certificate.
-> Passport-sized photographs.
-> Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution.
-> Last 4 months’ bank statements.
-> Statement of Purpose or SOP.
-> Academic certificates.
-> A police certificate stating you do not have any criminal record.
-> Proficient in English

Note: Book your tickets in advance and ensure you reach Canada at least 2 weeks before your college starts.

Cost of Study visa in Canada

A Canada immigration consultant in Brampton costs around 150 CAD, which is nearly 9000 INR. To know the exact amount, you need to check the exchange rate at the time. You also have to pay for your Medical and health insurance expenses. There is an additional biometric fee of 85 CAD.

Who doesn’t need a Canada Study Permit:

You don’t need to apply for a study visa in Canada if –

-> You are a Family member or a member of the private staff of accredited foreign representatives as per IRPR 188 (1)(a)

-> Your study program is less than 6 months.

-> You are a member of Armed forces of a country which is a designated state, for the sole purposes of the Visiting Forces Act, and are coming to attend a training which is longer than 6 months duration as per IRPR 188(1)(b).

Final thought

Are you planing to study in Canada? You will need the best immigration consultant to prepare proper documentation, prove adequate funds, and prepare and submit your study permit application to ensure the visa office accepts your study visa. Save yourself from ghost consultants who only want your money and don’t even think for a second about your future. Look no further and connect with Canizm Immigration Solutions Inc., one of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Brampton, for assistance to apply to various educational colleges and universities in Canada.